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Hack the School – Fundació Bofill

‘Hack the School’  works as an open challenge that offers school communities and architects a guided experience to support the transformation of their learning spaces. The aim is to foster change through a comprehensive and co-creative approach facilitating the transition from traditional uses of space to innovative ones always having the concept of wellbeing as primary agency. A conceptual framework and a applied creative toolkit equip the process and provide a unique and novel perspective to the topic of innovative learning environments and initiates a dialogical collaboration between the field of education and architecture. The challenge open to all schools in Catalunya and funded the Jaume Bofill Foundation received over 170 proposals where 30 schools were selected to become effective educational space “hackers”.

Premi Ciutat de Barcelona  – Design (2017)

Shorlisted FAD-ADI Award – Culture (2018)


Creative guide: Guia Hack the School: Espais per Aprendre i Conviure

Radio: Catalunya Ràdio / RNE

Press: El País