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Esther Belvis (PhD University of Warwick) is an art director and pedagogue that designs forefront strategies for those committed and empathetic organizations that want their mission to flourish.

She crafts meaningful experiences, devises resilient content and designs disruptive action plans to inspire and boost social change. She masters the art of bridge-building merging media, content and partakers and works in the corporate field envisioning effective Corporate Social Responsibility plans and campaigns; in education creating innovative learning projects and in the social field equipping communities and organizations by conceptualizing and disseminating impactful solutions. She also curates and generates interdisciplinary socially-engaged art projects and events, always with the aim to actively support aspirational change-makers.

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Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility values by designing tailor-made projects or advising on philanthropic partnerships, whether to support science research initiatives or humanitarian and social campaigns. Helping to communicate and influence society on causes that have an outstanding social impact.


Fostering personal growth and social cohesion by generating projects that connect contemporary art to the public realm. Responding to current social concerns through actions that have practical and beneficial outcomes for both communities and audiences.


Researching and pioneering educational knowledge and methods to increase civic engagement to confront social inequalities. Designing experience-led projects and training based on storytelling and place-making as key agencies to acquire skills for life, regardless of backgrounds and conditions.


Bridging the gap between new scientific discoveries and society by producing events that disseminate knowledge and generate new alliances through fresh and original formats. Conceptualizing and communicating humanitarian and social campaigns by imagining engaging experiences beyond the ordinary and thus inviting people to take action.


The method to design leading social-change strategies is based on an integrative and out of the box mindset that combines research-informed knowledge, creative transmedia tools and a social innovation ethos. This approach is backed by Esther’s strong academic research background (PhD, University of Warwick), hands-on experience in art and education and a responsive way of planning. She loves to co-create solutions and produce tight-knit environments with the clients she works for. Thus, her goal is to empower stories and actions so individuals, communities and organizations can better design, brand and channel their mission.


Devoted to making the world a better place, she helps new generations to reach their potential by crafting and designing educational experiences in higher education. Her teaching philosophy aims for sparking creative excitement by producing learning environments that explore both tacit (experiential) and explicit knowledge (contents), so students feel connected to their learning, understand its value and gain skills for life. Currently, she teaches Research and Innovation (BA in Education) and Leadership,Culture and New Technologies (MA in Arts and Cultural Management). You can find her igniting innovation and testing new forms of engagement at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya and at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

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